Ten Most Important Companies Worldwide

5. December 2011

This article contains a list of the top 10 most important companies in the world. The list is a reflection of the importance of each company using the following impact factors.

- Importance and influence of each company in there …

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Top 10 Telecommunications Companies

2. December 2011


Vodacom is the leading telecommunications company in the world. The company is present in six continents either as the company itself or by partnering with local telecommunications companies. Apart from offering personal and business telecommunication solutions, the company also …

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Important Email Marketing Services

1. December 2011

Does anybody even look at the direct marketing postcards and circulars crammed into their physical mailboxes anymore?

In today’s fast-moving world, the way to get customers’ attention is through email marketing.

A number of companies specialize in email marketing

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Top Ten Online Retailers

1. December 2011

Online retailers are retail stores who do business online i.e. through the Internet. These retailers buy goods in large quantities from manufacturers and importers and sell them to consumers in retail prices. Some of the types of retail stores are …

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Most important French companies

1. December 2011

There are multiple ways to rate major companies. For this discussion companies were chosen that were rated by Fortune, Forbes and Most Admired. A few words introduce the company followed by pertinent facts that highlight their uniqueness.

Aerospace. The Thales …

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