The Worlds Most Important Travel Agencies

5. December 2011

Travelling has been one of the popular trends for millions of people around the world. Touring from the Western hemisphere and slowly making their way to the Eastern countries is definitely a splendid and exciting journey and can be considered as an achievement in one’s lifetime. Thousands of people are booking trips daily or weekly and are travelling solo or with their families in distant lands.

However, as important as the elegance and beauty of the country they are about to go to, the travel agency that is behind booking and arranging hotel accommodations for their convenience is a crucial part of one’s travel. A good travel agency may mean a huge difference between enjoying one’s vacation trip overseas and being stressed out from flight delays, sold out flight tickets, unavailability of hotel rooms and so on.

With this pointed out, the best travel agency is more than essential to be able to make the most out of the experience. After all, travelling may be considered as a luxury that not all can experience or do again thus one should grab this opportune moment and make the most of it.

Considered as one of the top 10 travel agencies worldwide, Creative Travel International has been serving the community of New York and its frequent travels. The agency divides their services into Leisure and Corporate bookings to be able to accommodate the specific needs of clients and travelers. They also provide a wide range of travel destinations and are equipped with manpower and vessels, including tour operators, cruise lines and spa bookings.

Another travel agency that has been nominated in the big leagues is China International Travel Service Head Office. Established in 1954, China International Travel Service Head Office is the country’s biggest and most dynamic business group, travel agency, and the only tourism business that is included in the Top 500 Chinese Enterprises as termed by the National Bureau of Statistics.

Going to the Western region, a contender for the top 10 travel agencies in the world is Portman. The travel agency is located at UK and has been serving the community for a remarkable 50 years now. The travel agency is considered as one of the largest and most experienced independent travel management firms in the world. The agency also provides their clients with free travel alerts on their site to notify them about any flight delays or flights that have been cancelled.

Looking for travel agencies that specialize within Asia?

Patterson Travel is one of the best travel agencies to book trips within various countries around Asia, from Bangkok, Singapore, Taipei, and Tokyo. The agency also covers trips to London, Canada and the US. They also offer great flight specials and promos that travelers have come to appreciate.

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