Ten Most Important Companies Worldwide

5. December 2011

This article contains a list of the top 10 most important companies in the world. The list is a reflection of the importance of each company using the following impact factors.

- Importance and influence of each company in there area of expertise
- Impact of each company on world events and society in 2011
- Possible impact of each company in the near future
- Impact of the culture of each company as bell weather look into the future

The list is in alphabetical order.


Innovative worldwide in personal computing and electronic personal device manufacturer and marketer.


American energy giant working on massive research projects investigating alternative clean fuels, both carbon and non-carbon based.


Social networking that could has a having a giant impact on the world wide society.
In mid 2011, Facebook was averaging 1 trillion visits per month. Facebook is virally popular in countries all over the world. In Indonesia, it is by far the most popular website on the Internet. Facebook earns it’s place on the list because of the impact it currently has, it’s private value, and the possibilities it holds for positive impact on the worldwide society in the future.

General Electric

Manufacturing, research and innovative giant that is still vitally important in the fields it participates in all over the world. Vital to many industries including power units for commercial and military aircraft.


The world’s information giant. Some day Google will be the digital library of the world. The company is an advertising and software giant with a stunning global reach. There are many millions of users of Google products. Google has freely assisted, supported and mentored vast numbers of companies in every part of the world.


The old man of information technology that is still vitally important in mainframe and supercomputer technology. IBM Software powers much of the American electrical power grid.


Software giant the world grew up with on computing at home. Microsoft is the leader in personal computer software and a growing power in gaming software and hardware.


European Food Giant – The leader in research on new food products for home and hospitality industry

Petro China

Petro China is the Exxon of China. As the fortunes of this company go, so may go the future of China. Petro China fuels Chinese society and the massive Chinese military.

Procter & Gamble

American personal and home product giant that makes an impact on the lives of individuals and families all over the world. You use their products every day.

Any list is subjective. Few can deny eligibility of those listed at this time.

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