Top Ten Internet Companies

30. November 2011

Microsoft came into being during the mid-1980s establishing their home computer operating systems, starting with MS-DOS. This of course came to become our Windows operating systems that are used by most of America today. Microsoft office soon became a must-have for computers, specifically those in the corporate and education markets. Through recent years, they have expanded to the gaming industry through XBOX and XBOX 360. Yahoo! came into being in the mid-90s. According to USA Today, around 700 million people visit different Yahoo websites every month. Services such as Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Messenger have brought together people from different cultures throughout the world. In addition, Yahoo! has a variety of games listed on their website that have attracted millions of people throughout the years. Google Inc. has made it\’s name through it\’s cloud computing, web search engine and advertisements, making most of it\’s profits through it\’s AdWords program. Like it\’s counterparts, it has expanded into an email service (Gmail) and created it\’s own web browser, Google Chrome.

Time Warner, Ebay and InterActiveCorp follows on this list. Time Warner generates most of it\’s income through film, television and advertising. Several of this media conglomerate\’s subsidiaries rely on the internet for promotion and news that stations such as CNN broadcasts. In 1995, eBay Inc. hit the market and became one of the most successful stories of the dot-com era. Created for internet consumer-to-consumer transactions, it has become a multi-billion dollar business thanks to its auction format and advertisements. InterActiveCorp is an American internet company created in 1986, eventually coming to own several different companies and websites, not limited too but including :,, Excite,, College Humor, and InterActiveCorp currently owns nearly 60 different websites and companies.

Amazon, RealNetworks, Walt Disney Internet Group and AOL are the last four mentioned here. Amazon is an on-line sales company based in Seattle, Washington. Currently, it is the world\’s largest online retailer. It serves as an online bookstore, as well as selling DVDs, CDs, MP3s, video games, electronics, computer software and much more. RealNetworks is the company whom created RealAudio and RealVideo, which are compressed audio and video formats. Together with the RealPlayer and RealDownloader, all services are provided to the consumer for not only music listening but a movie watching experience as well. Next on the list is the Walt Disney Internet Group, who through their website promotes theme parks and offers various forms of entertainment for children online. Lastly, AOL is included on this list, but it\’s safe to say the company is a dying breed. Formerly known for its online software suite, the split from Time Warner has the company in the middle of a monumental downfall.

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